About DiePix

DiePix is a photo community for sharing, collaborating and exchanging photographic idea of diecast cars, bikes, aircrafts and all that comes in that bracket. This site is designed to promote scale model photography (diecast photography) and to bring it to a professional level on par with other genre like landscape photography, wedding photography, action photography etc. Diepix is also a place for budding diecast photographers who are stepping into this hobby.

Diepix is a community site where you can share your diecast scale model photographs with the world of diecast photographers… Because it is a dedicated photo sharing platform for diecast and scale model photography you model car or bike photos are diluted by other photographic interferences. The very same reason gives your photographs maximum impact and reaches its destined audiences. Because every single member is either a scale model collector or a professional diecast photographer you are in an ecosystem that lets you explore the endless possibility of this novel hobby of miniature photography.


About the Author:
I Saravanan, being a collector myself is very passionate about my collection and I absolutely love photographing them in outdoor location. I mostly collect 1:18 scale cars and 1:12 scale bike model. Check out my other blog [ xdiecast.com ] for diecast reviews and news.