Registration, My Account, Login and Logout:

  • I don’t see any link for “Sign Up” or “Register”, how to I register as a member?
    As Diepix.com uses social sign-on as its only authentication system you wont find any conventional “Register” or “Sign-up” options. Because social sing-on is intuitive, simple yet secured! This option also makes your life simpler because you don’t have to remember yet another user credential(userid/password).

    Click the Login link from the top menu bar(if you are in a mobile device, you will have to tab the menu icon on the top right to get the main menu) a pane (shown below) titled “Login or Sign Up” is displayed. Click your favorite social networking icon and follow the onscreen instruction. You will be done registration in few moments.

    Note:If no email id is attached to your social networking site then you may have to key in your email id as well.

  • I have register myself, how do I login the next time on wards?
    Because we use social sign-on, the procedure for register and login is the same… If you are a first time user then you will be taken through the registration procedure, after that you will be processed through the general login process. Here you are not asked to allow access by the social networking site after registration.
  • I tried to login by clicking the Facebook icon but instead of login, I was shown the login page of Facebook! What should I do?
    This is natural! The social sign-on works with the current signed in session of the selected social networking site(in your case Facebook), as your Facebook login session don’t exist your are asked to key in your credential again.
  • By typing in my Facebook username/password, can my user credential (userid/password) be compromised?
    No. The information that you have typed in is on Facebook site rather that on our site! So there is no chance your user credential could be compromised! That’s the beauty of social sign-on. You can read more about these details here
  • I have successfully register and I want see my account details, how do I do it?
    You can view your membership details by clicking your “User Name” that is shown in top menu. That will take you to your photo flow page, then click on the “About” link there and view your membership details.
  • How do I edit my membership details?
    Click your “User Name” that is shown in top menu, then click on the “About” link, that will bring up your members details page. Click the “Edit Details” button and you will get the editable inputs to update your details or add new details like your contacts or camera gear information.
  • How do I logout?
    Just click on the “Logout” link that is shown just below your “User Name” on the top right. And you will be redirected to the Diepix.com home page.
  • Does loging out of Diepix means loging out of the social networking that I use to connect?
    No, once your authentication is done there is no relation between diepix and the social networking.
  • If I open Facebook in an other tab and logout the Facebook session in that tab, will I get logged out from diepix as well.?

Photo Uploading, Viewing and Deleting:

  • How do I upload a photo?
    After succeful login, a “Upload Photo” link is shown in the top menu, click on that link and you will be directed to upload page. Upload the photo, type in a suitable “title”, “description” and “tags”. Click the submit button. You are redirected to the newly created page. You will be shown a error if you did not fill in any of the above mentioned field.
  • I uploaded a photo today and trying to upload another photo, when I click on the “Upload Photo” link I am seeing an notification message as “You are allowed to upload only one photo per day! Check the FAQs section to know more.” Why?
    Here in Diepix the members are allowed to upload one photo per day only! This is done to keep members busy in engaging them self with this hobby by viewing and interacting with other members as well rather than just uploading photos!
  • How do I view my uploaded Photos?
    You can view your photos by clicking your “User Name” that is shown in top menu. That will take you to your photo flow page that will show all the photos that you have uploaded.
  • How do I delete a photo that I uploaded?
    Navigate to your “Photo Flow page” by clicking your “User Name” in the top menu, then your will see a “trash can icon” at the top of each photo. Click and confirm if you want to delete. Note: Once a photo entry is deleted you cannot recover it.
  • How do I edit a photo entry that I uploaded earlier?
    This option is not available at the moment!